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Join me - lets learn about who they are, where they live, how they survive and why we should protect them.


  I love Pumas. "Puma con color" the cat of one color, is also the cat of many names: panther, cougar, mountain lion, catamount, ghost cat, & long walker, these are but a few of the names this cat is know by. In Florida we call them panthers & we're proud that the panther still lives here. I hope you find them as fascinating as we do, and that you will help conserve this race of cats by whatever name you know them, & wherever they may roam.


  Our website aims to promote the Florida panther, one of Americas most amazing and beautiful members of the feline family. The panther is Florida's State animal, and one of the most endangered populations of its kind. These native cats go by many names and live in an extraordinary mosaic of habitats. You will find educational essays, current affairs, and photos, for you to learn & enjoy. You can also visit us on Facebook.



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