There are many ways you can help the Florida panther, here are some simple but effective things you can do.


Read and learn about them, talk to others about what you have discovered. Do a class project for school or present a talk to your classroom, family or friends. Panthers need your support.


Volunteer or become a Member. Give a little of your time, many organizations need people to help in various ways. Visit our links page for organizations supporting the panther and who may need volunteers to assist them in their work. 


Slow Down when driving through panther habitat, be careful and stay alert. Defenders of Wildlife website offers road safety tips. The Panthernet gives local contacts for you to call, if you hit one or see an injured or dead panther on the road, please report it.


Don’t Litter. Trash can affect wildlife in many ways; it can pollute habitat, injure, poison or choke an animal, ingested trash can cause a slow & painful death. If you see litter please pick it up and put it in a trash or recycling bin.


Be respectful. If you go on a hiking adventure in panther territory, you may see tracks or other evidence that they have wandered the same trails as you. If you’re lucky enough to see a cat, don’t harass it, don’t put yourself or the cat in danger by approaching it, it may feel threatened by you, so stay back. Take pics but do it safely from a distance, give the cat space so it can move away. Panthernet has tips on what to do if you meet a panther, please review that before taking your journey.


Other helpful things we can do: be responsible for our pets & livestock. Promote native plant communities, they provide food & habitat for wildlife. Support predator friendly farms & ranchers. Conserve energy; lesson our impact on the environment, recycle, re use or restore, this can include buildings and real-estate.


Make a Donation. Financial support is always needed and welcome. You can contribute to the panther fund, see Panthernet for details. You can donate to the National parks and State preserves dedicated to protecting the panther and its habitat. Collect Pennies for Panthers; see the Wings of Hope program.


Support ProPanther. Our educational outreach work is purely voluntary, additional funds are always welcome, your gift will be put to work promoting panthers in a good way. You can help us: maintain this educational website, cover gas to & from outreach events, procure educational hand-outs, & to collect panther related items and learning aids for our table display, so we can teach children and adults all about these incredible cats. 


Please call or e-mail us with questions on our panther outreach.