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 Mission: Some of our habitats are declining because the top predators are "missing in action." 


The organization's mission is to bring back cougars to failing environments and help prevent others from failing in the same way, by supporting sound and scientific management of surviving cougar populations, and by actively encouraging the return of these native cats to suitable areas of their former range, through reintroduction if necessary.  Cougars can once again fulfill their ecological role as an apex predator. 


Rewildling is about humans growing up, taking responsibility and recognizing that our past actions have not always been beneficial to wildlife, wild lands, or ourselves. We are a sick race of people; all you have to do is look around you to see that, we have helped create an environment that is not healthy even for our own kind, we can turn this around. Rewildling is a way of restoring health and vitality back to the land we share.


I love our native lions; to me they represent Beauty. Some might question how one could find beauty in something that preys upon others. In that, they are no different from us. We all need to eat to survive, humans are omnivores and for many of us part of that diet includes meat, so cougar and human have something in common. It's just that now days most of us buy meat that has been killed by someone else, and it is often commercially processed and packaged in a way that it no longer resembles the animal it came from. 


Having worked with captive cats over the years, I wanted to learn more about wild cougars and join a group that supported and appreciated them. After investigating many groups, all of whom provide a valuable contribution to the cougar cause. I chose the Cougar Rewildling Foundation, not only was I hip with all aspects of their mission, but most of all, I understood and was inspired by various members' reasons for "why they wanted cougars back".


Join me & become a member, let's see this cat restored to the woods, grasslands and rocky outcrops. Their return will help bring life back to these dying lands. Check out the article: Paradise Lost, Deer, Cougars and the Decline of the Eastern Forest - by John Laundre & Christopher Spatz on the CRF blog.


Check out the CRF website, there are many educational articles, cougar club for kids, news and views on the blog, and yes they have a gift store too.