Drive proudly we do! 


  One great way you can help the Florida panther is to buy a “panther plate”. This is a specialty license plate sold in Florida, a wonderful way to show you care about our State animal and encourage others to support this endangered species.


      When we first moved to Florida we drove from the mid-west. I was sad to leave the forests behind where sightings of mountain lions were just beginning to re-occur. One of the reasons I was excited to move to the US was because there were Mountain Lions living here, I wanted to learn about them. It was driving into Northern Florida that we first saw one of these specialty plates; I said that looks like a cougar tag on the back of that car, but when we drove closer to see what it was, it said “Protect The Panther”. At the time, I didn’t know cougars were also called panthers, or that they lived in Florida. I felt I was moving to a place that was devoid of wildlife, I was wrong. I asked my husband if there were cougars in Florida, he didn’t think so and if there had been they’d been killed off long ago, he was wrong. I assumed that if they lived in Florida they would be found in the North not the South, I was wrong again, the core population actually survives in the SW corner of the State. We saw more cars with these tags and a big billboard advertising the panther plate. I didn’t want to get my hopes up that they lived here but it’s the first thing I wanted to find out about when we got settled, and I wanted one of those plates… 
   When you buy a panther plate your donation directly benefits panther protection, supports research, and secures a future for this Florida native 
   BuyaPlate is a program run by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, to find out more and order your plate, visit: 
   Cat Tag Tee shirts are also available, so if you don’t drive or live in Florida, you can still help protect the panther by wearing one of these very Cool Tees.