Lets Make Life better for Panthers!

A brief overview of Pro Panther and our general philosophy toward panther education.


About Panthers 

  Pro Panther is an educational website and outreach project.

 Primarily devoted to Florida panthers and dedicated to sharing information about them.


Panthers have been wiped out of 95% of their former range in the eastern states, in the past the panther has been important in shaping a vital and functional wilderness, affecting fauna & flora alike. It is our hope that you will get to know them as we have and welcome them back home.


Our Roots  


Pro Panther became established - after many years of working with captive wildlife, study, and volunteer oppotunities. It begun as a project under Arkte Spirit Corp - which was a not for profit (now dissolved) that was established to provide outreach and care, I had the honor of caring for a wide variety of native & exotic animals that we had taken into our home, animals that had been abandoned, or their previous owners could not continue to keep themThere have been many humans and animals along the way that have taught me and continue to inspire me, each one having a unique perspective and something constructive to offer the societies in which they live.


Ongoing Activities  


The outreach project includes: Pro Panther website, propanther Facebook page, Show & Tell table at local venues, Panther talks, Volunteer work - assisting others at educational and fundraising events.  


Pages of interest on the site include: 


Current Affairs: sharing news on panthers & pumas across the country.


Creature Feature: events, people, animals, or other articles of interest. 


Essays: such as "Listen Up" tells about the ears , "Slice & Dice" is all about the claws, "Fur Real" talks about the function and color of their coat.


The Gallery: wildlife photos & artwork, for more photos please visit our Facebook page where you can view various albums.



Pro Panthers Founder



Carmel Severson:


Studied animal husbandry at college, in the early years her skills were put into practice working with domestic animals, the later years were spent caring for captive exotic & native wildlife. Carmel has also put in many volunteer hours, caring for animals and helping to educate people about them.  


                                             Carmel with Shaolins Suprise